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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing opm report death of annuitant

Instructions and Help about opm report death of annuitant

Hi it's George ray with federal benefits online and in this segment of the newsletter we were talking about the best states to retire for 2021 and thinking about the best dates usually does involve time and money those are objective issues but I wanted to let you know that there are also some subjective issues that you should consider when you retire things like are you mentally prepared for retirement what will you do when you retire and print particular what do your spouse and your family members think about you retiring and are you considering their feelings and needs so I've taken this short 7 minute segment out of my course it's module 6 of the course actually called preparing for retirement and I wanted to share with you in particular I think you'll find very interesting what one woman had to say about her husband retiring during one of my sessions let's watch hi I'm George ray with federal benefits online and welcome back to understanding your federal benefits this is section 6 of our course and is titled preparing for retirement now in this section we've got four objectives we're gonna begin by answering the question how can you decide the best day to retire a question a lot of folks have then what happens to unused annual leave when you retire and what is the cost of living adjustment how is it determined and also how is it paid to you and then finally we'll finish up with what else should you know about preparing for retirement to get started we should probably address the fact that there are both subjective and objective issues to consider when retiring subjective issues are more emotional things and we'll talk about those just briefly for a moment and then spend them with a good chunk of our section of the course talking about the objective issues those objective issues are more hard factual types of issue they often involve finances and money things like that but to start what about subjective or emotional issues let's say for example I've decided to retire on my birthday I'm just turned 57 years old I've got enough service more than thirty years of service could I retire on my birthday yes I certainly could that might be the best day for me to retire maybe instead that that cake is not for my birthday it's for my anniversary my co-workers have gotten me a cake because I just hit my 30th year my 30th anniversary for my service history and I've already got again my minimum retirement age mat so could I retire today on my 30th anniversary again the answer is yes and oftentimes people do consider these emotional issues when it comes to retirement it's my birthday it's my 30th anniversary and that's it I'm done I'm going to retire no by the way retirement is certainly a nice thing to have happen but in considering into thinking.