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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing csrs lump sum death benefit calculator

Instructions and Help about csrs lump sum death benefit calculator

Tezz ago and everyone my name is derek ifasi I'm the owner of a Fosse Financial Group today's topic I just want to discuss with you the FERS annuity supplement review and kind of explain to you right now you're some sort of if you're watching this video you're some sort of federal employee and you're you might have come into contact with the word the FERS annuity or something known as the CSRs annuity now what the first annuity stands for is the Federal Employees Retirement System federal employers Employees Retirement System and what this does is this is essentially a pension plan this is known as a defined benefit plan okay and this is something that you're offered one of the good things about working for the you know for federal a federal agency is you have really good options for retirement planning the first one is dependent upon when you started working for that employer you might be offered that FERS annuity option and the CSRs annuity option now if you're offered the FERS what this means is after X amount of years of service you're gonna be eligible for a specific dollar amount a specific benefit a defined benefit of lifetime income for either yourself or you and spouse okay so an a prime example would be and I want to basically show you ways on how you leverage this this sort of FERS annuity income stream how you can leverage the Social Security income stream and then leverage the existing amount in your TSP so you could essentially have three different income streams come to you the first annuity and a perfect example would be my uncle he has access to a FERS annuity few years back he executed that that a lifetime income amount so while he was working he was a retired IRS agent while he was working he there was a percentage of his salary that was being taken out and being placed into a bucket on the back end that amount of money was being invested by that federal agency and essentially creating in theory creating a much larger bucket to eventually pull off of so after he gave X amount of years of service they said hey listen now you have access to your pension plan to your this is your specific dollar amount you now have access and you could turn on your lifetime income amount so that's exactly what he did on the first annuity supplement he essentially turned that on so now he has dollars from his first annuity from just it's just a defined benefit it's just a that pension income stream that pension income stream that's coming to him and just entitled the FERS annuity then he also has a very very small amount of social security income because he didn't have you know working for the federal agency depending upon how your how your designed how it's set up properly you don't have.