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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Csrs lump sum death benefit calculator

Instructions and Help about Csrs lump sum death benefit calculator

Tezz ago and everyone my name is derek ifasi I'm the owner of a Fosse Financial Group today's topic I just want to discuss with you the FERS annuity supplement review and kind of explain to you right now you're some sort of if you're watching this video you're some sort of federal employee and you're you might have come into contact with the word the FERS annuity or something known as the CSRs annuity now what the first annuity stands for is the Federal Employees Retirement System federal employers Employees Retirement System and what this does is this is essentially a pension plan this is known as a defined benefit plan okay and this is something that you're offered one of the good things about working for the you know for federal a federal agency is you have really good options for retirement planning the first one is dependent upon when you started working for that employer you might be offered that FERS annuity option and the CSRs annuity option now if you're offered the FERS what this means is after X amount of years of service you're gonna be eligible for a specific dollar amount a specific benefit a defined benefit of lifetime income for either yourself or you and spouse okay so an a prime example would be and I want to basically show you ways on how you leverage this this sort of FERS annuity income stream how you can leverage the Social Security income stream and then leverage the existing amount in your TSP so you could essentially have three different income streams come to you the first annuity and a perfect example would be my uncle he has access to a FERS annuity few years back he executed that that a lifetime income amount so while he was working he was a retired IRS agent while he was working he there was a percentage of his salary that was being taken out and being placed into a bucket on the back end that amount of money was being invested by that federal agency and essentially creating in theory creating a much larger bucket to eventually pull off of so after he gave X amount of years of service they said hey listen now you have access to your pension plan to your this is your specific dollar amount you now have access and you could turn on your lifetime income amount so that's exactly what he did on the first annuity supplement he essentially turned that on so now he has dollars from his first annuity from just it's just a defined benefit it's just a that pension income stream that pension income stream that's coming to him and just entitled the FERS annuity then he also has a very very small amount of social security income because he didn't have you know working for the federal agency depending upon how your how your designed how it's set up properly you don't have.


Is there a policy or way to cash-out or take a lump sum on a life insurance policy if you’re dying • prior to your death?
Yes - in the UK most life insurance policies will pay out immediately if you receive a written terminal prognosis of less than 12 months or 6 months (depends on insurer). Assuming the policy runs beyond the expected date of death.This has been the case for at least 25 years, and was intended to avoid the awful situation whereby a family wage earner was dying (of, say cancer) and as a result of losing income during their final stages and being unable to work, but also having exhausted sick pay (12 month max), they would be unable to pay life insurance premiums and the policy lapses before the claim could be made.In more recent times it is acknowledged that the claimant and his/her family might like to utilise the money to do bucket list activities with the terminally ill policyholder and there is no problem with this.You must always read the policy documents for life insurance (or any insurance).I know this answer to be true for the United Kingdom IRO term insurance (plain life insurance) - elsewhere may be very different.
How can I exchange 340 BTC into cold-hard-cash (USD)? I'd like to cash out in a lump sum physical money, how can I do it? I'll worry about the tax implications at a later date.
Send me a private message, and I’ll arrange this for you.What I’ll ask you to do is to prove that you control a wallet by making a small transfer from that wallet to another wallet.Once I’ve confirmed that you are in fact not a scammer and the bitcoin is clean, then I’ll contact some OTC traders in Hong Kong that specialize in this. We will then arrange the details via telegram. It turns out that the people that do large OTC trades in Hong Kong very well known to the HK bitcoin community, but they would prefer not to advertise on the internet.Also, it is important that you are not a US citizen or tax resident or if you are doing anything that is illegal under HK law (and I should note that tax evasion of non-HK jurisdictions is not against HK law).The process is that you fly to Hong Kong, you meet the trader with the bitcoin, you hand them the bitcoin, they hand you the cash. You fly out. A carry on bag for coach will hold USD 2 million, or you can fly business class where you can move USD 5 million in carry on. There are no reporting requirements on inbound cash until late-2019, and there are also no reporting requirements on outbound cash in HK.The typical commission for cash transactions is 5–10 percent which goes to the exchanger. I work on tips.Also a lot of the other answers will not work:GDAX and Gemini will close your account after you do a large transaction.OTC desks will do this but they will do a lot of AML/KYC and they will report to tax authorities.And of course none of them will do paper cash
How can you calculate the effect of a lump sum payment to the principal on a monthly mortgage payment?
Most mortgages are unaffected by a lump sum payment. Sorry.Some banks will reamortize (recalculate the payment schedule) a loan for a fee, but I think it’s kind of rare. So making that lump sum payment just reduces the term of the loan (you’ll pay back the loan sooner).An exception to the above would be adjustable rate mortgages. ARMs reset at various dates, depending on the type of ARM. At the reset date, your rate will change and the payment is recalculated. That calculation takes into account the remaining principal balance on the loan.
Is it possible to deposit a lump sum amount in an ongoing SIP? If so, how will the interest be calculated?
SIP or systematic investment plan is not a mutual fund. It is a method of investing in a mutual fund. You invest fixed amounts regularly say once each day, month or year in a mutual fund scheme of your choice. SIP helps you put money in the mutual fund at all times, without the need of timing the market. You can deposit a lump sum in the mutual fund if you want.A lump sum yields good returns if you invest when stock markets are down. If markets crash the investment loses value very fast. Mutual funds don’t pay interest. They invest your money in stocks, fixed income like bonds or a mix of the two, depending on the type of mutual funds. NAV of equity funds generally rise when stock markets go up.Want to know more?? Visit us at IndianMoney.comFollow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin
How do I work out the sum of all numbers from 1 to 100 without a calculator?
If you know the formula for the sum of the first n natural number:1 + 2 +…+ n = 1/2 *n *(n +1), you will get to:1 + 2 + …+ 100 = 1/2 *100*(101)From here, you can easily get the answer by dividing 101 by 2 (equivalent to multiplying it by 1/2) to get 50.5.Then multiply this 100 by moving the decimal point in 50.5 two places to the right. (50.5 becomes 505.0 when the decimal is moved 1 place to the right, which is equivalent to multiplying by 10. It becomes 5050.0 when the decimal is moved 2 places to the right, which is equivalent to multiplying it by 100).You can drop the “.0 “ in your final answer.Final answer: The sum of all natural numbers from 1 to 100 = 5050.*** NO CALCULATOR REQUIRED! ***Good luck!
Why is return on mutual funds is shown higher for 1 yr than 3 yrs? I just want to know the calculations carried out for return for SIP as well as lump sum investment in mutual fund with simple examples.
The first part of the question -The basic answer to that would be that markets performed better over the past 1 year when in comparison to 3 years.This could possibly be due to market sentiments changing over the past 1 year and market rallying.But when we look at a longer time period, say 3 years, the returns are smoothed out as the longer period would have seen both highs and lows of the market and therefore compensate the lows with the highs.Let's look at an example for better understanding, markets didn’t perform very well in 2022. So if you look at a return for the period 2010-2022 it could possibly be higher when compared to the returns of the period 2008-2011. This would only happen because, 2010-2022 would be looking at just the +ve returns, whereas 2008-2022 will embrace the –ve returns of 2022 also, automatically reducing the total return.This being said, we can even have a case the other way around, where 1-year returns would be lower than 3 years return, the reason being vice versa of what is stated above.To answer the second part –Note: Option 2 % change is comparatively higher because of the investment timing. It was done when the price was at the lowest. Also, the time for which the investment was made is only 4 months.Therefore, if you can watch and predict the market this well, option 2 will certainly yield you higher returns.But at the same time, if you would’ve invested the lump-sum in November, your return till 31st December would be meager 5.88%.Therefore, SIP is the safest bet as you can see that it normalizes the returns. You might not be getting the maximum possible return, but you don’t need to even worry about getting the minimum possible return either.Disclaimer: All the calculations are based on Price/Unit assumptions which change according to the market.
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