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Civil service retirement system Form: What You Should Know

Civil Service Retirement System. It is the federal retirement system designed to provide retirement benefits to all federal employees and retirees whose service is generally less than 40 years. The plan provides retirement benefits for employees, retirees, dependents, and their survivors. Do I have to complete the entire Civil Service Retirement System form? Yes, you must complete this form before you have a chance to apply for benefits. The form can be completed by submitting the PDF file to the Civil Service Retirement System with your application. Is there a deadline for submitting my retirement application? Yes! You must submit this form no later than 12 weeks before your anticipated retirement date. Can I modify the form? Yes. You may add any amounts you need to your retired pay, change the method of calculation, and delete the current formula from the form. This can include amounts for Social Security, FEES, COLA, pension, and annuity payments. However, the form will not be amended based on the addition or removal of amounts unless the form is approved by CFS in a written decision (Form 1095-A).  How will FEES calculations take place on the form? It is the employee's responsibility to estimate all FEES contributions that will be due during retirement. Can I do any extra calculations on my application before it is approved? You may choose to calculate the FEES calculation based on the amount of Social Security and COLA that you receive for retired pay or benefits for health insurance. You should add the amounts for retirement pay and health insurance into the calculation and follow the process described in the Form 3105.  Can I submit my application without the Retirement Application? You should keep your forms as close to the due date as possible. If you miss it, you may not receive the benefits you are entitled to. If you submit your application after your date of birth, it will delay processing time. How do I submit my application? To apply using this form, you must complete the application. If you would like your application returned by mail, please call: to have it sent back to you. Where can I track my application? You can read all of that information in the “Application Tracking” feature on your form. What does “1/20/15” mean? 1/20/15 is the last day you can submit your application. In the event your application is processed by us on a later date, your submission is still valid.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Civil service retirement system

Instructions and Help about Civil service retirement system

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