What happens when a retired federal employee dies
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What happens when a retired federal employee dies

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Hello i'm angie Ackerson a benefits counselor with the Teachers Retirement System of the state of Illinois welcome to our online presentation on death and survivor benefits there are two benefits that can be paid by TRS when a member dies these two benefits are completely separate from one another and have different calculations and purposes the first death benefit is called the beneficiary refund this is most of the money that you have contributed to TRS plus the interest that has accumulated on it if you are not yet retired this amount is printed on your annual TRS benefits report this amount can be quite high for members who have been teaching for many years if you die while actively teaching all the money in your accumulated contributions account is paid to your beneficiary the beneficiary refund is always along some payment once you retire each monthly retirement check amount is deducted from the beneficiary refund account after two and a half to three and a half years in retirement you will have recovered all of your contributions and the beneficiary refund is no longer payable if you die before all the contributions have been recovered TRS will pay whatever remains in the account the second type of benefit available is survivor benefits this benefit is more complex than the beneficiary refund but may be more important because of the potential duration of benefits for survivor benefits there are two types of beneficiaries they are called dependent and non dependent beneficiaries a dependent beneficiary is a spouse minor child disabled child or a dependent parent a non dependent is any beneficiary other than independent examples of non dependent beneficiaries are siblings adult children or even an organization like a church or foundation members can also name a trust to receive their death benefits if you have a dependent and wish to name the trust please contact TRS the type of beneficiary determines how the survivor benefit can be paid if you leave behind a surviving spouse or other dependent beneficiary TRS offers monthly survivor benefit or Ilan some payment only lump sum benefits are provided for non dependent survivors let's discuss dependent beneficiaries first if you are retired the dependent beneficiary can elect a monthly benefit that is equal to one-half of your monthly benefit in addition to the monthly benefit the dependent would also receive a one-time payment of $1,000 if you are actively employed at the time of your death we will calculate a monthly benefit as if you were retired with no age reductions the surviving dependent could then opt for half that amount along with the one-time $1,000 payment if you are not actively teaching at the time of your death three scenarios exist first if you had teaching service within twelve months of the date of death a monthly survivor benefit can be paid to a dependent the calculation of this benefit is the same a one-time payment of $1,000 and a monthly.


Where did the government find people to work inside Area 51, and what happened to them once they were no longer employed?
Where did the government find people to work inside Area 51, and what happened to them once they were no longer employed? What happens to unused sick leave when a federal employee retires? What happens when a Google employee dies? According to atheists, what happens after death? What was the reason Trump canceled pay raises for most federal employees? What do you think really happens after we die? Is this true about healthcare in the United States: "People pay horrific premiums and ridiculous deductibles and have to become indebted if they seek care"? What happens when one dies? What will happen after we die? What about our thoughts?
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