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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing fehb survivor benefits

Instructions and Help about fehb survivor benefits

Welcome to this presentation about your federal benefits today we are going to review two aspects of the federal benefits the FEGLI life insurance and your spouse survivor benefits while overall the federal benefits package is an excellent program it does have some cost considerations especially as you get older and into retirement today we will take a look at those considerations let's take a closer look at your FEGLI life insurance program and the five options available to you the basic coverage is required to be able to participate in the FEGLI optional benefits throughout this presentation we will use an example of a federal employee with an annual wage of seventy six thousand five hundred dollars under the basic coverage this worker would have a total of 79 thousand dollars in coverage his wage of seventy six thousand five hundred dollars rounded up to the nearest $1000 plus two thousand dollars equalling seventy nine thousand dollars the cost for this benefit would be $11.85 biweekly you pay two thirds of the premium and the federal government pays one third unless you are a postal employee in which case all the premium is paid by the postal service your basic coverage amount increases until age 65 and at that time the coverage amount reduces by 75% unless you choose the option to pay the increasing premium the premium increase to maintain the full coverage amount is approximately 400 percent at your retirement this is the first major coverage consideration your coverage will either have to decrease by 75% or your premiums will increase over 400% to keep the full coverage level being aware of these future changes early in your career and exploring your options could save you thousands of dollars in future premiums into your retirement the next benefit option is the extra benefit and it is automatically included if you are enrolled in the basic insurance plan the coverage amount is equal to your basic insurance coverage amount the problem with this coverage is that it is provided at a time when you will probably never need it and from age 35 to age 45 the coverage decreases annually until at age 45 the cover amount is zero the next option is option a option a is a level benefit of $10,000 the cost of this coverage increases every five years and as you can see by the following graphic the increase is significant as you get older over your working years you could easily pay more in premiums than the actual coverage of $10,000 and then at age 65 that coverage decreases every month until you are left with only 25% of the original coverage amount this decrease comes at a time in your life when you are more likely to need the benefit for your family let's now explore the option B coverage with option B you can elect to have one to five times your annual wage in life insurance coverage this coverage.