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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing fegli beneficiary

Instructions and Help about fegli beneficiary

Well let's just jump right into life insurance not a fun subject everyone locks likes to talk about but something we must discuss in sound financial planning as you plan for a successful retirement first we need to talk about the basics of FEGLI you see on your screen here we have the basic benefit that is your annual pay rounded up to the next 1000 plus $2,000 so if your annual pay were seventy one thousand two eighty five your coverage would be seventy four thousand dollars now this basic benefit of FEGLI comes with some extra coverage if you're under age 45 it doubles the amount of insurance if you're under 35 and from thirty six to forty five the benefit decreases ten percent per year until you're at age forty five and just the basic benefit applies so that's FEGLI basic now on top of that we have several other options option a comes with additional ten thousand dollars worth of coverage if you choose it then option B has additional coverage one to five times your annual salary then option C has family insurance you can get increments of five thousand dollars for your spouse up to twenty five thousand dollars and increments of twenty five hundred dollars for each child a maximum amount per child of twelve thousand five hundred dollars now let's pull out your pay stub if you have one handy pull that out I want to show on screen a copy of one and if you will see under deductions and we've actually circled it in a red circle on the screen you'll see the word FEGLI and an amount under your current deductions this is what you're currently paying for FEGLI now you have to watch sometimes you'll have FEGLI mentioned several times on this one document you'll need to add those up and understand the different types of FEGLI many pay pay stubs have the word FEGLI optional or sometimes it will have the letter A or B or C so you know the different components of FEGLI but take a moment have that pace up and make sure you understand the deductions and what's coming out I'm about to do a quick math study for you and you can do this on your own following my example if you'd like so let's walk through a case study where we have someone making right at $100,000 having B times five the full amount of Phegley possible on themselves now the good thing about basic insurance is its - it will stay the same price throughout this whole scenario let's assume that you're somewhere between fifty and fifty four years old so again basic is going to stay the same cost per pay period option B in that window of time for the example that we have on the screen now is sixty-five dollars of pay period meaning that the total cost of insurance in this example is eighty dollars.