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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing civil service pension amount

Instructions and Help about civil service pension amount

Music four months from the date you'd like to retire speak to your employer they'll then instruct the scheme administrator to start the process for your retirement they'll carry out an assessment of your pension record to ensure that all the relevant detail are held correctly if required they will contact your employer to obtain further information eight weeks before your retirement date the administrator will pryou with a quotation of your likely pension benefits if you've given us the correct amount of notice this will include your annual pension amount as well as choices for your lump sum within this pack will send you the necessary forms to set up your monthly pension payment you'll need to check complete and return these forms to ensure that the process runs smoothly and your benefits can be paid on the expected date of your retirement if you have any form of lifetime allowance protections please prdetails of them alongside your personal details form if you currently make contributions to organizations such as the civil service pensions alliance or civil service health care you'll need to consider whether you want us to continue to deduct these contributions from your pension when you retire if you'd like to know more about the retirement process please visit the dedicated pages on the scheme website Music you.