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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How does civil service retirement work

Instructions and Help about How does civil service retirement work

Hello I'm John Wenzel co-founder of arch vest Wealth Advisors and want to thank you for watching today's video in today's video I want to talk to you about this is with regards to Social Security and possibly a government pension that you may be collecting on or considering collecting on ya and in today's video I just want to talk about some of the off setting rules that are in place one is known as the windfall elimination the other is the government pension offset that may affect your Social Security benefit that you're entitled to now coast of course both of these offsets or eliminations are much more complicated than at the surface level but I would at like least like to give you just a high overview in today's video of how that may affect you and possibly a decision you may make with regards to that Social Security in this example that I'm going to share we'll talk about the CalSTRS Pension does the pension many teachers are a part of and that paid into but teachers may not know that they also may be entitled to a Social Security benefit specifically if they have another working spouse that's paid into the system or may be prior to teaching they were working in the private sector where they were paying into Social Security during that time the first reduction that I'll talk about is known as the windfall elimination provision and this provision is set for individuals that decide to take Social Security and they may actually have a benefit based upon their work history as a result when they're pulling from their pension in this example from like a CalSTRS there is a reduction that's in place now if your benefit will not be eliminated on the Social Security side however it may be reduced in 2022 the max reduction was four hundred and thirteen dollars per month reduction based on the Social Security benefit that you would have received based upon your record there are a couple of other caveats if you have worked in the private sector paying into Social Security for more than 20 years that benefit calculation is is adjusted however if you've also worked less than 20 years in the private sector paying into Social Security that benefit may actually be adjusted as well in a different calculation so as you can tell this this calculation is complicated however just know a takeaway from the video today is that if you are collecting on the CalSTRS benefit for example and you may be entitled to Social Security based upon your own work record it's still worthwhile looking into this because it may be reduced however it may not be completely reduced and again the max month or reduction in 2022 was four hundred and thirteen dollars the next provision that I want to talk about is known as the government pension offset the government pension offset is for those.

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