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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing sf 3104a form

Instructions and Help about sf 3104a form

Music hello welcome to another HR MD spotlight series video my name is Kellie Pomeroy and I'll be presenting our next topic SF 50s as with the other videos in our spotlight series the video you're watching is intended to prsome basic information on a human resource topic and this session will focus on SF 50s after watching if you have questions we hope you'll reach out to us for more information on - our topic for today's spotlight SF 50s so what is an SF 50 the SF 50 or notification of personnel action is a government-wide standard form that documents personnel actions the SF 50 is very important it is written documentation of your personnel actions and can affect your position benefits retirement eligibility leave accrual and pay if you're not already reviewing your SF 50s now is the time to start you can find your SF 50s in your my biz plus account which is accessed through the employee tab of see pol when you look at your SF 50s you should review every block but most importantly is to review the blocks that have significant impact on your pay position employment benefits and tenure block 15 for example is your official position title this may be different from your organizational title for example your official title may be supervisory Human Resources specialist but your organizational title is chief military personnel division blocks 18 19 and 20 are your grade step and salary block 23 is your veterans preference this particular veterans preference code is veterans preference for hiring codes here range from one meaning no entitlements to veterans preference for hiring two six meaning the veteran is entitled to 10-point preference due to a compensable service-connected disability of 30% or more block 24 is your career tenure and is used in conjunction with block 34 your position occupied your career tenure and position occupied identifies the type of appointment or status of your position this can be zero meaning no career tenure or tenure group one through three meaning competitive or accepted service in temporary or permanent positions the information on this slide depicts some more specific information Music blocks 27 and 30 are related to your life insurance and retirement benefits block 31 is your service computation date or SCD the keyword in this block is leave this reflects your SCD for leave accrual purposes not retirement purposes although in some cases they may be the same date your leave SCD may contain some additional time for example certain military service which is not used in your retirement SCD in order for military service to be creditable for retirement purposes it may require a military service deposit block 39 is your duty station again they're all important but it's especially important to review the blocks that impact your pay position benefits and tenure page 2 of your sf50 provides more information on these blocks it is your responsibility to read all of the.