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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing fegli forms

Instructions and Help about fegli forms

Hi I'm Kim Johnson and this is welcome to NASA your destination for breaking news and feature stories about in-processing at nasa today is the 6th episode of our series we're following the journeys of three employees as they navigate NASA's in-processing in this episode saralyn gives us four thoughts about life insurance choices when considering benefits now that I'm going to be working at NASA I want to learn all I can about the available life insurance benefits my NSSC caseworker informed me that every new NASA employee is automatically enrolled in basic life insurance coverage that is unless we waive coverage by submitting the standard form 2817 life insurance election federal employees group life insurance program the premium is deducted from our paycheck if we want to waive our coverage we can do so at any time there are three types of optional life insurance coverage that are worth considering we use the same standard form 2817 to elect basic coverage and select the optional coverage we want optional coverage is not automatic so we've got to do our homework and decide what is best for our needs as with almost all benefits you have 60 days from your EOD date to elect coverage if you miss your opportunity to elect optional coverage in the first 60 days you'll need to contact the NSSC to discuss your options so what does this insurance cost we only pay for two-thirds of the premiums with the government picking up the balance the cost of basic coverage isn't affected by your age but the cost of optional coverage increases as we get older we pay the full cost for any optional coverage a good place to start when examining life insurance coverage is the calculator on Office of Personnel management's website we can access policy brochures there too oh yeah completing the standard form 2817 is simple if we have any questions we can ask our NSSC caseworker who will contact us prior to our EOD date to schedule benefits counseling life insurance is an important fit to consider I examined the options carefully got my questions answered by my NSSC caseworker and chose the coverage that made sense for me you should do that too Sarah definitely did her homework and is making thoughtful decisions about her life insurance coverage the next episode will feature one of our employees addressing beneficiary forms a critical aspect of several NASA benefits until next time that's it from welcome to NASA.