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  2. Use your indications to submit established track record areas.
  3. Add your own info and speak to data.
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What is it like to try out for Survivor?
I attended an open call audition once in Vail. It was fun. You are in line with other die hard fans, you discuss what kind of contestant you would be, your strategy, etc. when you are ready to be called up, they put you in front of a camera and give you a couple minutes to talk, really about anything you want, in order to get you noticed. I gave some jokes and tried to be charming. It was fun, nerve wracking and exciting at the same time. I was never called, but it was a good experience just to say you tried.
How do you find out if a company is open to using a staffing agency to fill positions?
Get an introduction to the target company through a referral if possible.  A lot of the companies that retain us even talk explicitly about "no agency referrals" on their website.  There are times that going in through HR or their staffing org can be to your benefit but more often that not it helps to have a referral with a "VP" in their title to get you that introduction.  You might still be a long way from getting a fee agreement signed (retained or contingent) but you'll be a lot close than being one of the hundreds of agency recruiters leaving voicemails for the VP HR or Staffing Manager.
What's it like to survive a plane crash?
*Sigh*I still remember the landing on a field scene. Yes I have survived a flight crash! It was terrible. Almost 30 people were killed. I think it was not on the news for some reason. Or I don’t know that it was or not. I am still trying to get over it. Imagine 30 dead bodies laid in front of you. How will you feel? Not good at all.It was me with my family. I was not injured that much. My parents somehow were not at all injured. My sister had a couple of scratches. I was praying to god before the pilot announced that we might crash! The crash was in India. Somewhere near Agra. It was kingfisher flight from Kolkata to Delhi. I don’t think there is Kingfisher anymore in India.The main reason why I think that I was safe after the crash was because I was not panicking like other. I just stayed calm and prayed. I prayed as much as I can. I knew in the middle of journey that plane will crash from the way the plane was shaking and was constantly moving up and down. Cabin crew were hopeless. It felt like they were little kids. They were just running from one side of the cabin to another.I thought that the people sitting in the middle won’t get any serious injury because when the plane crashes, the people who get hurt the most are the people sitting in the front side of cabin. So I was not that scared.I was only scared on one thing. That was what if the plane catches fire and the engines burst out? But thank god that didn’t happen. I think it was my second flight. I was still getting used to fly. Before that I usually took trains or buses.When the plane crashed, it felt like the whole world turned upside down. I was thrown out of the plane with my seat (because I was wearing Seat belt). I still don’t know how that happened. For 10 seconds, there was pitch black in front of my eyes. The plane didn’t catch fire. But there was smoke coming out. I was crying so much! I wanted to see my family ALIVE!! I was very scared. I didn’t knew what to do. I was thinking all sorts of things that will happen if I lose my family. How will I live without them?? My heart beat literally stopped for like 2–3 minutes. I wanted my mom back who took care of me from kindergarten to grade 5 (cuz at that time I was in grade 5). She is the only one in the world who understands me. I wanted my dad back. Even though I hate him, after all he is my dad. I wanted to see my sister. She is my best friend. The moment I gained consciousness, I just crawled as fast as I could to search my family. After 15 minutes or so, I finally saw them alive. I thanked god again and again. It was the best feeling!Then there were many ambulances coming. We were taken to a nearby hospital. After checkup, we went to my aunt’s house. She lived in Agra at that time. It took me and my family a very long time to overcome the fear of flying in planes again.I still tear up when I think about the accident. But it made me much more stronger in life. It made me more powerful. It made my mind more calm. It helped me make decisions in life in very few time given.I just saw this quote somewhere and I still remember it.After 1 year, I flew to Doha, Dubai, Dammam, Yanbu and Riyadh. It was gone finally. The fear I mean. This summer I will be flying back to Delhi. But not with fear, but with confidence, because I will fly with Emirates!It feels good when you survive a plane crash! I think that it was a major turning point in my life.
When filling out the service will, if you have no relatives, what goes in that line for survivor?
When filling out the service will, if you have no relatives, what goes in that line for survivor?I’ve never heard of a “service will”. If you are talking about wills for military service members, it’s just a normal will and they can put whatever they want in there. They could leave their possessions to their dog if they so choose.
What made you get checked for cancer?
I started having stomach problems quite a while ago. I attributed it to stress because of a lot of things going on in my life. I had become the victim of corporate negligence and greed that lost and cost me a LOT of money. One man fighting a 7 billion dollar company…do the math.I also had an old friend ask me for help saving his kid’s company which I spent months on and handed them 8 million of dollars in pre-sold work while saving the citizens 48 million dollars for a project they didn’t need, but because he was a “friend” I did it without a contract. However rather than doing the work they used that 8 million I got them to sweeten the books and sold the company. He never even reimbursed me for my travel expenses which entailed 1,200 mile trips even though he is a multimillionaire. Another one of those lessons learned on life’s highway: get something in writing.I was also in the middle of a divorce and although I have always had very good relationship with my kids and grand-kids my contact with them dropped way off. In other words, I was alone.In January I finally went to my doctor. Because it was on/off and was still able to work a little he gave me a script for some industrial strength antacids.About 5 weeks later it got really bad and had my neighbor run me to the ER where they kept me over night for a second time to administer IV narcotics to moderate the excruciating pain no pill would touch. The next day it calmed down and I was released but they wanted me to have some tests done by a specialty clinic. A few days later (before they could complete the tests) about 11:00 at night the pain hit. I made it to the bathroom where I spent the night in agony, throwing up, laying on the floor naked, alone and too weak to make it to my phone to call an ambulance. All I could think about was my family and how it would hit them when someone complained about the smell coming from my house and found my body.Finally by about 8:00 in the morning the pain subsided enough for me to make it back to bed and slept for a few hours. But that night it hit again with a vengeance. I was taken to the ER again by my neighbor (god bless his soul and I’m so sorry he had to listen to me screaming in agony not only in the car but while he waited in the emergency room with me. That is a true friend). They did emergency surgery and removed 6 inches of my small intestine.About a week later the surgeon called me with the pathology report and asked if I was sitting down. I started chemo in a matter of days because mine was an aggressive form of very rare cancer. Had I “powered through it” much longer it would have spread through out my body.UPDATE: In my pre-chemo coaching session they said I would need someone to drive me because they would have to knock me out so I wouldn’t feel the side effects of what they were putting in me and my daughter said she would and told her boss that she WAS taking those days off. The night before the first one it started snowing so I called her (she lives about 70 miles away) and said I would find another way to get in.She said, “DAD, WE ARE FIGHTING THIS TOGETHER!!! I WILL BE THERE AT 6:30! BE READY!!!” When they got me all hooked up I pulled out my tablet to try and do some work but within a few minutes was out like a light. I woke up about 3 hours later and there was a tray of food in front of me and my daughter was sitting in the chair next to my recliner. She laughed as I clumsily tried feeding myself and started helping me. Then out I went out for another 3-4 hours.My “little girl” would get up at 5:00 in the morning, drive the 1 1/2 hours to pick me up, sit and watch me sleep all day long then drive another 1 1/2 hours home over and over again. When I said I was sorry for putting her through this she said, “Dad, you may be sleeping but we are together.”In the beginning I would make a pineapple upside down cake the night before and when she got me home we each have a piece then she would take some home with her for the kids, but as the treatments went on I became too weak to make our treat.Five days after each treatment I would have to go in and get a jar of saline flushed through me. For those I could drive myself but each time the nurse would inspect my legs and arms asking about this cut and that bruise, how my bodily functions were, mind clarity, etc. I asked why the third degree every time. She said, “All of our other patients are in and out in a few hours. You are the only all-dayer we have and they are hitting you with some very powerful meds. It is going to be hard on you.”I had my final chemo 3 weeks ago and a PET scan last Friday. A nurse friend of mine that had cancer when she was 29 said the worst would be those 3 weeks after completing chemo both physically and mentally. She was right. My daughter brought me in this morning to meet with the oncologist.THE BAD NEWS, with a low immune system I gave grown two warts (a virus) on my left foot. I also have a kidney stone that I will have to see the urologist for.THE GOOD NEWS, I am cancer free.Unable to work I have been financially devastated and could even lose my house plus I still need to recover from all the juice they put in me that could take up to a year but life can be a beautiful journey and it just got a lot better for me…and my little girl helped me get there. Who could ask for more.Theme song from the Unit,Give me your secrets, Bring me a sign Give me a reason, To walk the fire See Another Dawn, Through Your Daughter’s Eyes You Give Me A Reason, To Walk The Fire
What is the best way to fill out a job resume with no work experience?
You are beeped about an opening that is the dream job you have been waiting for. What is next? You apply, qualify and grab the job. Wish it was as simple as writing or saying the above three words. There will be one or the problem that can be a hurdle to your job search. Say, this time it demands a relevance experience and you literally have no experience to justify it.Whether you are a career changer or a recent graduate with no internships under your belt to highlight, there are still a few things that would make you look as qualified as possible.Here are somethings that can help you get the job. These are:Transferable and Relevant SkillsWhen you do not have an experience to support your application, then it is always better to use a skill based resume. Instead of using the space to confuse the employer with irrelevant information, start with a skill based resume with relevant or transferable skills taking the most of the space of your resume.Try and identify the skills that you can use for the job you are applying to. If you have work experience then you can pick the skills you have developed from the previous experiences. As a recent graduate find skills that helped you through a school project successfully. Spot this section right under the education and qualification section in your resume.Related Side/Academic ProjectsDo not doubt your academic projects. They are fair game and definitely deserve a place in your resume. Similarly list down other side projects you must have done after college that are relevant to this job application. As long as you are labelling your work experience as project work, you are free to include as many projects as you think are relevant.A better way to include all your projects under one sub-heading that does not confuse the employer is by creating a separate projects section. It is a myth that only full time experiences can be listed on your resume. You can list whatever you think is relevant for this application.A Cover Letter That Displays Your EnthusiasmA cover letter is not a part of your resume, but makes a strong impact if it is included in your job application. Coupling a resume with a strong cover letter can add an edge to your resume. Especially when you do not have a strong experience section in your resume or you are trying to make a career change.Find a way to connect your passions and life experiences with the vision and mission of the company. Then in your cover letter only try and explain how this will help you hitting the ground once you are a part of the company. You will notice that this link will work for you well especially if you are a recent graduate.Also, a cover letter is the perfect place to build the ladder in between the skills you have learned and what the company needs.Getting into a new line of job is a hard work. You need to spend a considerable time of your resume so that even if you do not have the qualifications, you look qualified. The trick here is to work upon the projects and skills that make you fit for the job. It is okay to break the resume rules at times you are required to keep the hiring manger interested in you.Some Thumb Points to RememberIdentify the qualities that make you fit for the roleMake yourself look irresistible to the employerAll through the resume, speak the same language as you study in the job descriptionFormat your resume perfectly
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