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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing civil service retirement login

Instructions and Help about civil service retirement login

Direct deposit federal benefit payments will be made electronically by direct deposit into a savings or checking account or by direct express debit card provided by the Department of the Treasury okay I'll attach a voided check number three a ask if you want federal tax withheld if you mark no that means you're going to pay yourself quarterly or at the end of the year I don't want Uncle Sam to come looking for me absolutely you don't need any surprises when you file your taxes so you mark yes there right that's right now number three be asked how you want your federal tax withheld if you wish to keep you're saying withholding status the way you have it coming out of your paycheck select yes or if you wish not to change it select no we will be completing the w4p form a little later if you select number three be no and you do not send in a w4p form the taxes will be withheld at the default rate of marriage with three exemptions okay I'll check yes to keep the federal tax withholding the same for now but I may want to change it later can I do that sure you can change it at any time by contacting the Office of Personnel Management near their website or by phone what is the dollar amount on the bottom right corner of my pay stub is it taxed the USPS retirement amount listed on the bottom right corner of your pay stub is the money that was already taxed as a wage before being contributed into the FERS fund and is your tax-free portion every year you'll get a 1099 or a-- that will show how much of your own money you got back that year and it's claimed on your income tax return as a credit so you may want to talk - your tax person to change your exemptions after you filed next year I always wondered what that was thanks for explaining that now let's move beneath to section I which reads applicant certification please sign and date your application indicating that all the statements are true to the best of your knowledge and belief directly underneath is the applicants checklist to use as a reference guide to ensure that you have completed the application prior to returning your forms okay you let's turn to the next page which is title schedules a B and C this is a required form for all employees starting at the top of the page in numbers 1 2 & 3 list your name date of birth and social security number please note FERS employees do not get credit for your military service until a full deposit is paid prior to your retirement as an example if you had four years of military service making the deposit would increase your new T by four percent let's start with schedule a military service information schedule a must.