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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing usps death benefits

Instructions and Help about usps death benefits

Hey guys Dave fielder got a little postal service announcement for you like I'm not with the Postal Service you guys know that if you've watched any of my videos it's like a public service announcement but it's postal so we've had some people that come to our seminars you know almost every week and I asked them I say you know was there any talk about the seminar before you came they're like yeah postmaster said or Union Stuart said they're not with the post office so we shouldn't go so I want you guys to think about this I want you to think about saying to yourself yeah I'm gonna wait for the post office to do a seminar because I trust them I want you to think about any time in your career that you've ever put those words together post office and trust I'm getting betting that you don't you never have you know why because you know they've been doing nothing but take stuff away from you for the last ten years how about this last mail count you rule other carriers is it even possible that a route would be cut in today's post office with Amazon it's impossible but yet I hear about people getting cut and then I also heard that they're having a second mail count maybe this fall because of those of you that got your evaluation raised that's shady I wouldn't want my information from the post office oh and by the way do you think they would tell you anything about taxes or how to minimize your taxes hell no they're the government they're in the business of making taxes do you think taxes is a relevant thing you need to know going into retirement yeah I think so the other reason why waiting on the post office to do a seminars asinine because they fired your loaf late you're back to 2021 they haven't done a seminar in over a decade they'll be like waiting for a unicorn to fall out of the sky I mean use your common sense guys that is for a manager or steward to even say that they're uninformed and you don't need to be taking advice from uninformed people because if you make a mistake and you retire wrong or you leave something on the table who pays the price you do the other thing they say is all they're just try to sell you something don't go that are trying to sell you life insurance here's the deal guys are there groups out there that do nothing but selling futures yes they're sitting at the front of the room all they do is talk about life insurance how you should replace your life insurance with a post office with them and so they can make a big Commission they exist okay we don't do that if we did we wouldn't be in business for 10 years we wouldn't have.