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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing opm qdro

Instructions and Help about opm qdro

Hi there this is Tim Estes and Bree Reyes from Estes financial services and for all our friends that are federal service we will have some important things to share with you OPM has come out with their planned a budget for 2021 and we're going to cover four points for you today and you're not going to like what they're proposing so we just thought we'd get the word out to you so that you understand what's going on and that we are out here working for you guys first one is they're going to increase the CSRs and F ers average pay to five years it used to be high three they're proposing it going up to a high five so that's going to impact you guys when it comes to retirement bring that yes it will impact how we run your your proposals the second one is elimination of the FERS annuity supplement that is the supplement that you get before age 62 the supplement that would end at age 62 they are proposing a complete elimination of that supplement for FERS employees so that could be pretty impactful for those that you know started early in their life and have their MRA plus 30 and decided to retire it's a 55 well that supplement goes away completely so it's going to impact a lot of people that wanted to possibly retire early exactly the other thing that they're going to do and this is a big one this is one where you guys are going to run screaming from the building I think because they want to increase the amount of contribution specifically for the FERS or the F ers people from your point eight percent contribution to your retirement they're going to graduate it up over time but you're going to now be paying seven point two five percent of your pay going towards your pension your pension so this is going to be huge it's going to impact your budget it's gonna impact your pay but that's one of the proposals that they have put forth also so we wanted you guys to be aware of this and definitely impact what you take home yep hugely yep and then the other huge thing and this is going to impact current retirees and future retirees is reduction or elimination of cost-of-living increases to your pension what OPM is proposing is reducing the cost of living increase for CSRs retirees and future retirees and completely eliminating cost-of-living increases for FERS current and future retirees so all of these things together make planning and your TSP so much more important yeah so this is huge eliminating the cost of living the government is looking for any way they can to balance the budget and to get rid of expenses and it's unfortunate but you know getting rid of the cost of living is going to impact you and your pension when you do decide to retire.