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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how to calculate your high 3 for federal retirement

Instructions and Help about how to calculate your high 3 for federal retirement

Hello everyone I'm David Packard I'm a financial advisor with Bridgeland financial welcome to today's first minute what is the high three the high three is very important to the calculation to first pension it is a basis to determine what you receive in retirement the high 3 is the 36 consecutive months of your highest pay just because you get a raise and you work one month into the next year with that raise does not mean that entire annual salary goes towards your high 3 this is a mistake I see a lot of people make only 1 month will be considered also your entire annual salaries generally not included in the high 3 in general high 3 excludes night differential allowances bonuses awards and overtime so when attempting to calculate your high 3 remember to slough those things for most people but not all their high 3 will be last 36 months they work but that does not have to be the case there is a calculation we can do here at Brigitte and financial using your le s that will let us know what counts towards your high 3 I hope you enjoyed this video if there are any questions suggestions or if you want us to run a high 3 calculation please fill in the form below until next time this is david packard financial advisor with Brigitte and financial saying stay safe you.