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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing civil service retirement system death benefits

Instructions and Help about civil service retirement system death benefits

In this video we're going to take a look at the survivor annuity options for service employees so the first part what is the survivor annuity the survivor annuity is the monthly benefit paid to an eligible survivor upon the death of an employee or a retiree it's always payable immediately after death and can prcontinued income for that person until they died including Cola increases survivor annuity also allows for continued coverage under fvh B if there's no survivor annuity that health insurance coverage cannot be continued there's a difference in survivor annuities between employee and retirements we're going to talk about employee first very briefly first you must meet the minimum requirements most for CSRs you need to have worked for 18 months and you needed to be subject to serves deductions at the time of death that survivor annuity is payable only to a current spouse and terminates if that spouse remarries before age 55 children survivor annuities are also payable and those are automatic a retiree survivor however is subject to slightly different rules those benefits can be payable to current spouses former spouses also children and an insurable interest court orders this is how a former spouse would be entitled to a portion of a survivor annuity the spouse Equity Act of 1985 required OPM to honor the courts judgments with respect to annuities survivor benefits and also insurance either fvh B or potentially FEGLI that started on May 7th 1985 it applies to any divorces that take place after that for those court orders if a former spouse was awarded the entire survivor benefit a current spouse would not be eligible if the court order was only for a part of that survivor benefit a current spouse would be eligible for the rest of it and if that former spouse lost their entitlement either by remarriage etc to that survivor benefits the current spouse would then be able to receive that full annuity now when you talk about the definition a current spouse the primary definition is that they have to have been married for at least nine months there are a couple exceptions one is if there was a child born in the marriage or if the death was accidental the primary reason for this rule is so that you don't get married with a month to live to pra survivor benefit for someone who wasn't really a spouse my former spouse also no longer married to the employee or the retiree still has the same nine-month requirement and that annuity would have to have been ordered by a court or potentially elected by the retiree there are instances where a retired employee would elect a survivor benefit to a former spouse now at retirement you get to make your elections for that survivor benefit this is the calculation that will figure out how much that benefit is so that it can be apportioned to current or former spouses as.