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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fers civil service retirement

Instructions and Help about Fers civil service retirement

Now for CSRs employees there are two concerns that you have as it relates to social security first let's assume you have paid enough into the system to receive some kind of benefit from Social Security you must be aware of the windfall elimination provision here are a few tidbits on how that works the windfall elimination provision or WEP as it's commonly called affects CSRs CSRs offset or FERS transfers now you see on the screen your Social Security can be reduced by up to this particular dollar amount now you can mitigate this reduction if you have twenty years or more of substantial earnings and there will be no WEP of X on your Social Security check if you have more than 30 years of substantial earnings now substantial earnings we need to make sure that is clearly defined and you can go to the Social Security website and discover each year what they classify as substantial earnings look at your record at Social Security to determine if you have that more than 20 years and maybe even more than thirty years if you do again there is no reduction in your Social Security benefits also take note that both the windfall elimination provision and the government pension offset only affect retired individuals those that are drawing a pension from a system that they did not pay into Social Security over the long haul so if you are still employed and you have hid your full retirement age for Social Security purposes you may want to consider drawing Social Security right away either on your own benefit or even on your spouse's benefit because that is available to you now where it will not be available potentially once you retire now for the government pension offset this says that if you are drawing a federal pension again the CSRs group that we referring to specifically and your spouse is drawing a Social Security check you will not be eligible to receive a portion of their Social Security check if two thirds of your pension exceeds the value of what you'd get from spousal benefits it is so rare maybe one or two times out of thousands have we actually seen a CSRs employee draw some kind of spousal benefit from Social Security so as a planning tip here make sure that you have accounted for if the spouse that is drawing a Social Security check passes away that income goes away do you still have sufficient income to meet your needs in long term good retirement planning that's WEP and GPO you.


Which is better Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) or the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS)?
Which is better Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) or the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS)? If I am in FERS, 47, with 21 years civil service, can I retire now even if I have to wait to be eligible for the payments? A friend of mine just retired as a civilian, GS15, working for the United States Navy for 33 years. He always brags about his huge pension. What kind of pension is he actually getting? What are the perks and privileges of being a member of Congress? Why aren't our elected officials and employees at the federal level part of the social security and Medicare programs as the rest of us? After serving in the military, the marines, what jobs could I do that my time served will count towards retirement? Is it true that Federal workers, once they are retired and receiving a pension, cannot also collect Social Security (even though they paid into the system) because that's considered 'double dipping'? Can I opt out of paying Medicare or Social Security? Would both Fand UPS be required to pay into the Federal Employee Retirement System, the Civil Service Retirement System as well as their own private retirement services and retiree medical expenses the way the USPS does?
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