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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing fegli beneficiary form

Instructions and Help about fegli beneficiary form

If you're doing your state planning for your clients you'll need to identify some additional fields for their accounts specifically you'll need to designate a beneficiary for each of the accounts as well as enter some extra data fields so let's take a look at drums registered investments first you simply edit the account here for estate planning you'll have to include whether this account is subject to probate by clicking the checkbox or leaving it unchecked you'll want to identify whether the account is liquid or non liquid on deaf and same with emergency here in this key section we now see the beneficiary as a default all of the accounts will be set to surviving spouse we could leave that as it is if the beneficiary for this registered investments will be married or we could also choose the estate or other we'll leave this field now for surviving spouse for John's registered investments but we'll take a look at some of these other options for the other accounts let's take a look at their non-registered investments and set this beneficiary of the account to go to the estate here it's just a matter of clicking this other radio button and then clicking save there are many other different beneficiaries your clients might have for their accounts other than just their surviving spouse or the estate let's take a look at how to use that other field so perhaps john wants to bequeath his tax free savings account to his two children so we can simply click other and now we'll have some additional fields we can enter so it will go to a son Ron we can choose to enter their government ID and Ron will inherit fifty percent of this asset because Julie will inherit the other fifty percent so we can add her here as well so we'll just add our daughter Julie and she will also own the other fifty percent you could choose to delete these beneficiaries later or just elect to go back to these radio buttons but now we've set this account to go to Ron and Julie 5050 so we can click Save we'll do one more example with Mary's tax-free savings account will like to use the other beneficiary then perhaps she's going to have this sent to her sister so hurt her sister Margaret will inherit this tax-free savings account of Mary's again there are several different options for a relationship you can simply choose which one or multiple options for what is appropriate and then change the percent ownership if you do have more than one beneficiary now that we've set the beneficiary for all of these accounts we'll take a quick look at how this will pan out in the estate distribution analysis so we'll go to the will information screen then we'll go to the analysis tab where we'll just take a look at the estate analysis report here we can see some assumptions.