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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing fers survivor annuity vs life insurance

Instructions and Help about fers survivor annuity vs life insurance

Welcome to another episode of fed retirement weekly where you ask questions and I answer them and today I'm going to talk about a question I get quite a bit some from you know readers and you guys that watch my youtube channel and mostly from my clients so this is an issue that a lot of them face and I'm sure many of you face as well and that is should they choose the survivor annuity plan or should they go with a life insurance policy instead let's talk about it as with just about all of my articles if you'd like more information on this topic make sure you go to the link in the bio below where you'll be taking my website where I've written an in-depth article on this topic comparing life insurance versus a survivor annuity plan it's gonna be a great supplement to this video and much more in-depth than it can be in a video like this okay so the survivor annuity plan for those that don't know is an option that you have whenever you retire so if you haven't received your exit paperwork this may be something that you know you don't even know about or it could be something that you've heard of but don't have a lot of information on the survivor annuity plan basically means that you are allowed to pass a portion of your pension to your surviving spouse if you are to pass away okay so what that means is let's say you know Jane Doe and John Doe Jane's a federal employee and John is not Jane Doe goes in retirement she chooses a survivor annuity plan leaving 50% of her pension to her spouse when she passes away okay so she pays 10% of her pension because that's how much it costs for 50% so she pays 10% of her pension each month for this benefit and then when she passes away John is able to collect 50% of her pension okay it's pretty simple so you have two options as a first federal employee okay and you can choose the 50% option that would leave 50% to your surviving spouse if your pass away that would cost you 10% of your pension and then the other option is one that's lower and that's 25% so you'd leave 25% to your spouse if you are to pass away and that will cost you 5% of your pension this all sounds fine and dandy until you start to really dive into the survivor annuity plan and what it offers and you kind of realize that you know it may not be as good of a benefit as you think and the reason is because that money can only pass to a surviving spouse so what that means is let's say that Jane and John Doe Jane is the federal employee she chooses the 50% option but it just so happens that John Doe passes.