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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing civil service retirement lump sum

Instructions and Help about civil service retirement lump sum

What's up guys this is Cooper from fed retirement planning comm and today's video is on basically a lot of myths and problems that I think people misconstrue with the TSP and their federal retirement since running this channel I've had a lot of questions whether it's through my website you can find the contact form on there and ask me a question or through you know YouTube or Facebook anything like that where people ask me questions and I find I get a lot of the same questions over and over and it's often times due to misinformation and not any problem on your part but there's just a lot of myths out there about the federal retirement and so I want to squash those today before I go any further if you are a federal employee and you haven't subscribed to this channel then you're doing yourself a big disservice I come up with videos weekly front on everything from your TSP to general federal benefits to financial planning and I do all this for free for you so if you haven't clicked that subscribe button give me a thumbs up and let's get into the video okay the first myth that I get and this one I probably get most often is Cooper I can't access my TSP until I'm 59 and a half what if I need the money what do I do okay and this is you know really I'd rather you not touch your TSP until you're 59 and a half because you want it to grow and I think a lot of people take it too early whether that's through a loan or whether that's through a withdrawal but something to understand is you can take out money before you're 59 half the only issue is you're gonna have to pay a 10% penalty that the IRS is going to take out okay so if you like to you can remove money from your TSP the issue is you're gonna have to pay that 10% penalty to the IRS as well as the tax okay that 10% that's a large amount okay so should you take from the TSP before you're 59 a half probably not and really the idea behind the 59 and a half age is that's as long as you're working okay if you retire at 55 or later in most cases you're gonna be able to take from your TSP without that penalty okay but what the 59 1/2 H is is that as if you're still working so that's an age-based in service withdrawal request that 59 and a half that form would be the TSP 75 but just to be aware of you can't take money out of your TSP for your 59 and a half but you're gonna pay a penalty the second myth I often get is people that email me and they're thinking about leaving Federal service and they wonder okay finally Federal.